About us

The Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee (NOSC), registered under the laws of the Federal republic of Nigeria as “The Oscar Selection Association of Nigeria” is a cultural organization whose mission is to recognize and celebrate the art of cinema by showcasing Nigerian films and filmmakers to the Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars for the category of Best Foreign Film. 

The committee is to submit and represent the feature Nigerian film at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, popularly know as the Oscars. 

Our Objectives

NOSC core objectives in short-medium and long term includes:

  • To represent Nigeria at the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences Award (Oscars).
  • To screen, select and submit films that satisfies the eligibility rules for the International Feature Film category at the Oscars awards.
  • To grow a successful and well-organized committee and to showcase local, regional and national talent including actors, writers, directors, producers and prominent industry professionals.
  • To build audiences for Nigerian and international films and to encourage an awareness and appreciation of the diversity of talent working in the feature film sector.
  • To provide unique opportunities for our audience to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of film, both Nigerian and international, through encounters with artists and professionals connected to the film industry.
  • To increase the networking talent and human capacity development opportunities for local, regional, indigenous and visible independent writers, directors and producers.


• Committee members would participate in an open ballot system to vote for their choice film as the country’s entry with supporting reason(s) for their choice benchmarked against the IFF requirements.

(The rationale behind the open ballot system is to emphasize the primary objective of the committee which is to screen and select the country’s entry based on satisfactory compliance with the IFF eligibility rules and not to elect, hence suppressing any political undertone which could give rise to lobbying, vote- buying, and result manipulation altogether.

The mix of the committee is an advantage and its benefits should be fully utilized in the thorough screening of the shortlisted films from the story to the technical requirements to achieve a competitive entry and not a divisive committee whose decisions are primarily based on election).

• Committee members shall recuse themselves from participating in the voting/screening process if they have any affiliation or conflict of interest with any of the film entries and shall identify the conflict to the Chairman of the committee

• Committee members shall not influence the voting choice of other members during the voting process.

• The Chairman of the committee shall be entitled to one vote just as other members of the committee, if there is a tie between two or more films, the Chairman of the committee shall decide what would be the tie-breaker or shall exercise executive power to cast a second vote to break the tie. The second vote would be for any of the tying films.

• The outcome of the voting process shall be final and binding. In addition,

• Committee members shall support the process for the final submission to the Academy as Nigeria’s entry for the 95th Academy Awards for the International Feature Film category

• Members shall not disclose the outcome of the voting process to a non- member of the committee; an official press statement on the outcome would serve as the approved medium to communicate the same to the public


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